Sunday, April 20, 2008

Using the Dawes Rolls to find your Cherokee ancestor - 3 -

To explain some of the ‘alphabet soup’ you see, I am going to take two
men with a birth date close to your William Rogers and explain the data….

_/Example 1/_

CHER, FRR, Rogers, William, 21, 1879, M, NR, FRR963, NR

CHER – Cherokee Tribe, CHOC – Choctaw, DEL – Delaware, OS – Osage

NOTE – the Cherokee Dawes Roll initially listed these Tribes separately,
but the Delaware and Osage were combined with the Cherokee on the Final
Dawes Roll in 1917.

FRR – FR – FreedMan, R– Rejected, D - Doubtful

Name -Rogers, William

Age 21, at the time of application

Born ~1879 (estimated based on the average date of Tribal application 1900)


Blood quanta – NR - Not Recorded

Census Card #FRR963

Roll # NR - Not Recorded

Using his Census Card # FRR963, I find on my CD, that his father was
Charley Rogers. His mothers name was not listed on the Census Card. He
did not list a spouse, minor siblings, or any children on his
application. This means he was probably living alone.

_/Example 2/_

CHER, BB, Rogers, William P, 20, 1880, M, ¼, 4747, 11384

CHER – Cherokee Tribe

BB – By Blood (born Cherokee)

Rogers, William P

Age 20, at time of application

Born ~ 1880


1/4 blood

Census Card #4747

Roll #11384

Using his Census Card #4747, I find on my CD, that his parents were
Clement V and Mary Rogers, and his father Clement was still alive and
living with him. Clem V Rogers and Mary Rogers matches up with the
family information I found on my ancestors death certificate. William’s
estimated date of birth was listed as 1880 instead of 1879, so his
family probably applied for the Rolls in 1899 or, he was only 19 ½ years
old when the application was filed, not yet 20 years old.

This is the ancestor I was looking for, and he was on the Dawes Roll.
With the birth and death certificates I have collected, I can apply for
Tribal membership with the Cherokee Nation, apply for a Certified Degree
of Indian Blood Card (CDIB) from the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), and
I can order several personal documents including a fairly complete
family history of my ancestor from the US National Archives, by using
his Dawes Roll number or his Census Card number.

Additional information on this Census Card, shows Clement V Rogers was
61 in 1900, born ~1839, also ¼ blood Cherokee, Dawes Roll #11383, and
was living in Claremore, Oklahoma when he applied. His wife Mary
Schrimsher did not have a date of birth listed because she had died
prior to the enrollment date.

His census card showed no other children living at home and William was
not listed with a wife or children of his own. I checked other ‘family
records’ and find that his child that I am descended from was born in
1909, so William was not married at the time of the Dawes Roll in 1900.

However, by analysis of his parents Census Card Numbers I can see all of
their other children who claimed them as parents when these children
filed their own Dawes Roll Applications.

CLEM V ROGERS is listed as a ‘Parent’ of these Census Card numbers 4899,
5461, and 5630.

Searching my CD for Cherokee Census Card numbers I find –

Census Card #4899 belonged to a married daughter May Rogers, a resident
of Talala, OK

Stine May 27 1873 F 1/4 11696

Yocum John V 7 1893 M 1/8 11697

Stine Edward J 1 1899 M 1/8 11698

Stine Frank ( father of Edward Stine)

Yocum Matt (father of John V Yokum)

May Stine listed her parents as Clement V and Mary Rogers. She was born
~1873, she had married Matt Yocum and had a son John V Yocum in 1893,
then she married Frank Stine and had a son Edward J Stine in 1899. She
and her children were registered on the Dawes Roll, she was 1/4 blood,
her children were 1/8th blood and her husbands blood quanta, dates of
birth etc were not listed. This indicates they were probably white men.

Census Card #5461 belonged to a married daughter Sallie Rogers -

McSpadden John T 48 1852 M IW 175

McSpadden Sallie C 36 1864 F 1/16 13071

McSpadden Clem M 13 1887 M 1/32 13072

McSpadden Maud I 4 1896 F 1/32 13075

McSpadden May 9 1891 F 1/32 13073

McSpadden Herbert T 7 1893 M 1/32 13074

McSpadden Helen 1 1899 F 1/32 13076

McSpadden Pauline 1 1899 F 1/32 13077

McSpadden Tom (father of John T McSpadden)

McSpadden Elizabeth J (mother of John T McSpadden)

Sallie C Rogers was born ~1864, married a White man John T McSpadden,
b~1852 (listed as IW = Intermarried White) and had several children
(listed above) and was living in Chelsea, OK in 1900. Her husband was
initially issued an “Intermarried White” Dawes Roll #IW-175. In 1917,
when the Dawes Roll was finalized, the government 'Struck' the names of
Intermarried Whites who had not married Cherokees prior to 1875, so his
name will not appear on the Final Roll. Sallie could have claimed ¼
blood but probably not absolutely sure of her parents blood quanta, she
just put down 1/16th.